A downloadable WindCatcher for Windows

Here is our project born out of the Global Game Jam 2020.

You can follow the project road-map here : Trello. The current version is 1.0 as most of the main features are there, but the goal would be to hit a 2.0 if all goes well.

The game has two game-play, one on foot, where you gather material to repair your balloon, and the other where you fly with your balloon as long as it isn't damaged.

It is still being worked on as we have a few more ideas to put in. If you find any bug or have any idea do not hesitate to tell us.

We used Unity 2019.3, Maya, Photoshop and Houdini to make the different assets in game.

Credits :

Francois Giraud  (AKA Stereographik) : Website

Elian Crémel

Pablo Legoff

Elie Servantie (AKA Leie Sistal) : ArtStation


WindCatcher V1.0 110 MB
WindCatcher V0.9 114 MB

Development log

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