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The Pitch

You lost your Bitos at a beach party and must find him among a crowd of other Bitos! If you scream to find Bitos too many times, you will be kicked out of the party! The player has a picture of Bitos on the top right. A timer is set at 5 minutes to find a Bitos. The game is won when the player found 3 Bitos.

The Game

Genre : Party Game:crossed_swords: Platform : Windows Graphics : 3D / Cartoon Engine : Unreal Engine 4.26 Controls : Controller :video_game:, KeyBoard :keyboard: (AZERTY) (QWERTY)Mouse :mouse_three_button:  Language : English Text  :flag_gb: 


Keyboard azerty / qwertyController (Xbox)Action
zqsd / wasd
left joystickmovement
HY button
Hide Bitos Picture
space barA button Scream To found Bitos

The Credits :

  • Thomas BORIES - (3D Modeling)
  •  Hadrien CASSAGNE - (Sound)
  •  Leo COMPE - (Design)
  •  Charles-Antoine LEREIN - (3D Modeling)
  •  Luc LETURE - (Tech Art)
  •  Baptiste MAUPIED - (Dev)
  • Evan MERLE - (2D Art) 
  • Lucas NICOSIA - (Dev) 
  • Antoine ROMERO-ROMERO - (Dev)
  • Elie SERVANTIE - (Tech Art) 
  • Tonin LAPLANCHE - (3D Animation)


Lost & Bitos v1.1 130 MB

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